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What is a good software to use for MP3's?

Computer software that makes it easier to work with mp3s I am using itunes and it is not made for the job or I am not using it correctly? any help will be appreciated thanks GPC

What do you mean by ‘work with’?

A free editor that is very popular and been around a long time now is Audacity

Thx Cool Tool

Thx Cool Tool

The converter I use is Audiozilla and I t works very well You did not say what it was you wanted to do with the MP3 but I assume it is to convert ? if not disregard the post . I also use audacity and it is good one for all venues . it will not save as MP3 but with audiozilla you can convert from Mp2 to 3

I use itunes. You can cut, slow down, convert, and do pretty much anything you want