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What guitar am I holding in the avatar

No one ask and I am hurt to the quick LOL nope not . it is a1989 Takemine Jasmine series not like the ones they sell today for 99 bucks . it has sapelle sides and back, laminate was not used back then in the better guitars so they are solid wood and the top which has turned a nice color of caramel is solid sitka Spruce. The top was white pretty much when I bought it new in 1989 $400 for the guitar and case. . It has a very spell binding tone to it also I like the tone .

I love Takamines. I think they make some really great guitars. I have one that I have had for a long time. They started making a BG dreadnought with a tube pre-amp a few years back. They get great reviews, but I haven’t gotten to try one.

I think I already knew you had a Takamine, welder. I remembered because I’ve got an 87 Tak, but with a laminate top. It has a great pick-up in it though, and it’s darn near indestructible. Doubt I’ll ever get rid of it.

When they get that age on them it makes little difference, it develops a tone that is haunting to me any way . I love the Tak it will be with me til I die and I have a Martin but still enjoy the Tak. I do play the Martin more though . enjoy what ya got I guess.