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What do you guys use to record yourselves?

So, I’m trying to get up the gumption to start recording myself playing to get over stage fright and maybe post something one of these days.

Do you you guys just use your phones or do you use a particular camera that you would recommend? Stands? Sound? File format? Other issues?


For posting to the forum, I just use my iPhone 6S’s screen side camera.

If I’m recording for decent audio quality, I use a Yeti USB mic like this one.

The quality is better than the built in mics on my phone or laptop, though not as good as high end pro mics. It’s a trade off between the ease of use of usb and the quality of a standard mic + all of the extra gear required to digitize the analog input.

They also make a pro model if you’re looking to go this route.


Hey thanks Mark, I’ll check it out.

If your goal is to post something, like Mark said, a modern phone is great. Phenomenal even.

If you want to record to make digital music, that’s a whole different ballgame.

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Yeah, I just want to be able to post something here for starters.

I use one of my brothers, holding my almost antique smartphone.


Hi @Maggie

I use my PC, Logitech Webcam with the inbuilt mike turned off, I use a Samson C03U USB microphone and OBS Studio Software to record my video’s

The Samson was quite an expensive purchase. I like @Mark_Rocka suggestion for the Blue Yeti

The OBS Studio Software - Is FREE Open Source software which I downloaded from the web


Do you run the blue yeti in thru your iPhone? If yes, how do you do that? (aside from having the right cable)
thx, d.

For the forum I just use my ipad. If I’m recording properly I use a phantom powered condenser mic and logic pro on my mac. :+1:

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I only use the Yeti when recording with my laptop. I have read that you can get the Yeti to work with an iOS device, but I think it takes some extra hardware.

I know there are external mics that work directly with an iPhone, like this one.

Shure also has the MV88. I can’t speak from experience about either, but they have a lot of good reviews on Amazon.

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hmmmm, don’t think I have of those…

Your phone is fine for now. The vast majority of us are not sound engineers. Just pickers, so it’s all good.


You could also use a concerned neighbor… just a thought :thinking:


Blue Tack works just the same @Maggie

Fix your phone to a wall and your good to go.


A concerned neighbor? I don’t think any of them are concerned about much of anything really. Besides, another word for concerned neighbor and brother is “audience”. I"m not ready for that yet; have I ever mentioned that I’m shy? :slight_smile:


Me too - although I did break down and post my 1st (and only) vid last Christmas.

It was INTENDED to send to my aunt who live in another state; however, I just broke down and & posted it up on the site Video Swap…

I still feel ill-prepared to play IN FRONT OF OTHERS… but I do trust our Banjo Ben brethren to be supportive and constructive in their comments.

Plus, Ben has provided this as our way of sharing back directly to him.

I think we kinda owe it to him to use it.

I do “passively” try to play a bit with others around so as to try to “break ice” in playing… well, until I notice their ears bleeding! :roll_eyes:


Just keep in mind that if you’re even holding an instrument in front of others, you’ve gone farther than 99% of them. That goes double for banjo. People just enjoy live music. Even if someone in the audience happens to play better than you, chances are they’re still enjoying your playing.

When I started a band back in 2011, I was terrified to play in front of people, but I knew that’s exactly why I had to do it. It took less than a year for me to get over the stage fright… and I made some memories I’ll never forget.

For me, stepping out of my comfort zone has almost always yielded fantastic results.

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Yeah, I get it. I think this is the only place I would consider posting something considering, as you put it so well, our Banjo Ben brethren. I’m only able to play (jam) with my uncle because he struggles about as much as I do; he’s 81 and trying to get his hands to do what they used to.

Who knows? I may be really awesome and just not know it :grinning:


You are!


I usually just use my iPhone X with a holder like this: