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What Child Is This

I stole an idea from Banjo Ben for my Christmas Project from my music store in Conway, SC. I saw Ben’s Christmas vid where he has the elf character solo to the melody, and I thought I would try to do the whole of “What Child Is This” in that time signature, and learn Ben’s mandolin, guitar, and banjo parts and use them as breaks in the song. I ran out of time before I could completely learn more than the mandolin part completely, though even this part is not a perfect copy. I ended up sort of paraphrasing the guitar and banjo solos, although I’m sure you can detect great Banjo Ben influences, mainly because he had the original idea.
I hope I’ve set this link up right. … 1005843233

I like it! Very nice job. I “liked” it through my wife’s FB account in case you are wondering who that is.

If you want to link straight to the video, you can grab the address after clicking on “What Child is this” and it would look like this:

And then if you wanted to imbed the video (which I don’t think will allow you to get “likes”) you can highlight the address after you paste it and it will put video tags on it. When you are typing, you won’t be able to see it as a video, but if you preview it you can look at the way it will appear.

Thanks Mike! I’ll get the hang of this “web” thing, eventually.

I re-read my post and I left out an important detail…
“you can highlight the address after you paste it, **then hit the video button ** and it will put video tags on it.”

detail added in bold above. Sorry about that :confused:

Thanks for the help Mike! As I said before, I might get the hang of this thing at some point.

Also, looking back to my previous thread, I want to make sure it was understood that I was only asking, initially, about uploading the mp3 mix of the song, not the entire video file.

I really think the mp3 audio sounds better than the wave file attached to the vid because my first mp3 mixdown I did to send an email attachment to a friend sounded so bad and highlighted so many bad levels that I was forced to go back and re-mix the original wav audio file to correct it and then did another mixdown to mp3. I never got around to attaching that file to the vid and reloading it, though.

Just a clarification, thanks for the help!

And sorry if I sounded too negative on uploading mp3s. If you wanted to upload mp3’s to the forum, that is perfectly fine. Others (including myself) do it quite often. I was just trying to convey that if there are a bunch of files, it might be best to link externally to save Ben the storage space.
Happy new year to you!

No problem! Happy 2014!

Very nice, glong. Personally, I like it with the video. I’m glad Mike linked it for us.

Thanks Larry!
I kind of new at this, of course, and I’m trying not to have bad online manners, but I’m making lots of mistakes.
My first name is Gary, buy the buy, as I’ve just realized that I know your name and Mike’s from looking around the forum but have not introduced myself!

I’ve also listened to several of the things you all have done in the collaboration sections and I really like those as well.

Thanks again,


Gary, you have fantastic manners! Most people wouldn’t even ask about anything. By the way, do you see how to add the mp3s to a post? It’s kind of hiding in plain sight, but there is an “upload attachment” tab below the post edit area.

Good to have you here, Gary. I’m always interested in hearing what other folks are playing.