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West Virginia my home

Thoughts to your family, Ben, from the other side of the world.
Thanks for passing on the sad news, Mike.

That’s awesome that your laptop turned up, ozi. Pretty amazing that it still works after the abuse it took.

I like your guitar break, Mike. The crosspicking fits nicely.

I am sorry to hear about Ben’s loss. Can’t imagine how tough that must be on him


I will try and come up with a guitar part. I know Mike has a nice break, but I will see if I can come up with something.

Man, out of all the traveling I’ve done since June (Texas 2 times, Ohio 2 times, Mississippi 1 time, Georgia 1 time) I finally get to settle in last week and low and behold family come to visit from out of town!

This boy is working on “doing nothing” for a week. I mean NOTHING! (Besides for playing guitar and maybe fishing).

Might be a good time to start a new project, oldhat.

You pick the project Larry and we will do it!

I did come up with something to do though…Bass player that I met that lives 2 hours from me in Kentucky said that if I’d bring the guitar and jam with him and his Thursday group that he’d let me bow hunt his 200 acres. Well I am heading there tomorrow to check it out. Nice guy, even said I could stay in the old farm house, use his 4 wheeler and pretty much do what I wanted on his property as far as bow hunting goes…so I am off tomorrow to scout for 6 hours, hang some tree stands then “Pick and grin” in the evening.