Waypoints. Waypoints everywhere!


Now that I have the the waypoints lesson under my belt, I’m seeing them everywhere. I love the whole new world that has opened up.


Hearing so much about the Way Points Lesson lately. When would it be a good time for a beginner to watch this lesson? I guess there is no harm in just watching it, but I don’t want to get overwhelmed either.


Yesterday. Seriously, I wish I had known the info in that lesson years ago. It’s suitable for all levels of players. If nothing else, just watch them and absorb the info in them.


That Nedski is one of the best pickers ever anywhere…wow.


He’s new to me. After seeing that video this morning, though, I quickly went over and liked his Facebook page. I could go for some more of that! I think I’ll look to see if he has any albums out.


He plays now for the Becky Bullard Band. He also hosts a segment on the Sirius/XM bluegrass channel.

Banjo Podcast

Never too soon Steve :rofl:


Mark he did a beginners banjo DVD tutorial with Casey on the Murphy Method a few years back, also seemingly he used to teach on a TV or radio show.


I think I just flagged my own post. Lol. Now its gone. Anyway the WP are so steeped in the scales its def a good idea to give them a go now if you are new.

I knew where theses points were because have seen them even with the one or two songs I have up the neck but this constant repetition of them has build speed and accuracy when going to them.


I’m alternating through 4 of the very basic lessons right now. I think I will add this one once I am ready to move past one of them in a few weeks. Thanks for the input from ya’ll (I’m from Michigan…we don’t say ya’ll, but what the heck)


We welcome you to use the term, just be mindful of the spelling: y’all. :wink:


I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. Almost made it up the neck all the way without looking at the hand positions.


Great job, buddy. I am proud of you.


Aw Shucks.

I know its super simple but I’m hoping it makes a big different to move to those places a lot more naturally than I have been.