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Wayne Henderson and Robin Kessinger

Yesterday, I was able to join a workshop featuring Wayne Henderson and Robin Kessinger. These fellows are fine guitarists and downright nice fellows. Both Wayne and Robin tell endless humorous and fascinating stories. The workshop is 3 hours long with the attendees broken up into two groups (about 9 folks in each group) spending 1.5 hours with Wayne and 1.5 hours with Robin. As a plus, I got to learn 4 new melodies I did not know before. The workshop is held in a local fellow’s home with a house concert that evening.
I have attended this workshop/house concert in the past and opted to not attend the concert this time (although it was fun last time, I work Sunday mornings and needed to get home). The workshop is about $75 and the concert is about $25. If you do the whole day, you have a meal with the performers.
It was a fun event; Wayne and Robin are a hoot. Wayne is frighteningly humble and very down to earth.


I’ve wanted to attend one of these!

Honestly, it would be great to get you up here for one of these workshop/house concerts as the featured teacher/musician. I’ll talk to the host if you like.

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