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Wayfaring Stranger

Howdy Folks,

Here’s my recording of Ben’s arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger. I seem to have a problem with Carter Style picking for some reason. Maybe it’s trying to follow tab for the strums instead of adding the strums where “I” think they feel natural to me. Oh yeah, I guess I do that anyway…(after working on it a while). I guess that’s the way it should be, put your own brand on the arrangement no matter how small. I heard or read before, and I agree, that sheet music (unless it’s a classical piece) is just a suggestion. Soooo play it Your way! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it (ha).

Well I hope you like it, its about as close as I can get to Ben’s (at this point). Of course my excuse is that I have a day job.

Keep on pickin," but most of all have fun doing it!



I missed that one for some reason. I’m going to have to go pull it up and learn it. Thanks for sharing!

Good job on that one, I went and looked it over and it is something I might be able to learn , the only advise I would have for anyone is to pay attention to the up and down strokes on the strums it works out much easier that way . I will give a good shot and hope I can play the basic as well as you do it . I might play your recording a few times a week it is record grade listening quality.