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Wayfaring stranger mandolin solo

But on guitar…
Just trying to confuse y’all :joy::joy:
It actually works out pretty well on guitar


Firstly certainly enjoyed that rendition the 1/4 bends made the melody sound as mournful as it should IMHO.

Thought that as I am working from home today would listen to a few other versions before commenting. So in last half hour have listened to a version with a solo played on a fiddle , a mandolin and a guitar version that leant heavily from jazz scales. I admit that the last one with the jazz notes was my least favourite version to listen to.

I am not going to keep putting video links into the site. But know that we have exchanged comment before on Celtic music so guess you will go and check these people out and the song I think the song is called Yarrow.

The Corries
Shelagh McDonald
Daniel Hester

If you can get those sorrowful sounds in you would be doing well. I think will look it up later that the Corries are playing their combolins on it. I said that as I noticed another post about combined instruments.


Something else rattled through my head but I couldn’t find it on my computer was that I thought a group called Blackberry Smoke had done a version. They tend to play with 1 guitar standard an the other tuned to G.

I might be confusing it with Man of Constant Sorrow:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks. I’ll check those out!

Nice job, DS! I was especially drawn to your right hand discipline there. You did the entire song in an unmistakable down-up through every type of phrasing, and maintained even pick dynamic throughout; my guess is that you could blow the doors off that tune if you choose to do so. I don’t have anywhere near that level of picking consistency,… I’m wondering if it’s your mandolin playing giving you that edge.

My “points of reference” for this song (I’m studying it for Mt. Juliet as well) are a couple of Tony Rice versions on youtube, and a Doc Watson version. Part of Ben’s lesson does cover some of the chord variants Tony Rice throws in during extended one-chord strumming. I’m trying to incorporate those changes without sounding like a doting copy cat. Except that I am…

Anyway, enjoyed your video!

Billy D.


Thanks Billy!

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Glad I read your comments at the bottom Gunnar! I was fixin to tell ya that that isn’t a mandolin, he he!


Wow- I actually like it better on guitar than mando! I like using that song to practice improv in Amin.

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Great job Dragon! Those strums filled it perfectly.

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Thanks y’all!

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