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Wabash Cannonball (now with dtuners!)

So, here’s a variation of Ben’s arrangement that I made up to incorporate the dtuners, it’s really fun, but goes slightly out of tune. But I think it was clever how I managed to end in tune


Cool, you play it so casual!

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Thanks! I do almost everything casually, cuz I’m not a very high energy person.

Yeah, I’m always impressed by that… but you should have lot of energy to play multiple instruments. :wink:

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Nicely dun!

Bend those strings…

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I love it, buddy. Keep going!

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Thanks Ben!

Those homemade dtuners?? Post some pics. That’d be fun to see!

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@JohnnyD, check this thread

Seeing my favorite song being played with that, I just had to build it. (I still play with Legos sometimes :upside_down_face:) I build it and it works great, thanks @Dragonslayer. Now, how do I use it? I can’t find music with it.


Dude! Awesome! Try looking on YouTube for lessons on Earl’s breakdown or flint hill special. Usually you’ll detune the G string down a half step to F# and the B string down a whole step to A, thus creating a D chord. Play around with it, write tunes for it, they’re much fun. You can also use them in reverse, tuning up to G and B from D tuning, adding another dimension to “Reuben”

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