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I built some Dtuners!

So this is a crazy idea I’ve had for a while now, and today decided to get it done. I built a set of cheat-a-key dtuners for my old banjo. I think I first got the idea watching Russ Carson playing something with the real ones, that I could build some out of Legos, so I did. I’m not quite finished yet, but they are functional, I just have to add the stops and I’ll be done. I already played a tune with them, and the main difficulty is remembering which way which one turns. Due to the design, I also had to reverse the position of the tuners, so the one that effects the G string is on the side where the other would usually be, and vice versa. I’ll try to get some video once they’re finished


D tuners out of legos. Well of course you did. Can’t wait to see it.

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Well this should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing it.

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Wow, looking forward to seeing (and hearing) these!

In the meantime, here’s a Lego Banjo Man picture:


A front and back picture
Dang, the upload didn’t work, I’ll try later

I can’t wait to see these… In fact I don’t think I will sleep till I have seen these! :smiley:

You might be awake for a while then, my internet is slow to upload anything :grimacing: :joy:

I tried uploading a photo, and it said file was too big, I’ll try through dropbox soon

Okay, or you can decrease the dimensions of the photo to decrease the size.

I’ll drink lots of coffee. :rofl:

I don’t know how to do that from my phone, but I think it’s the same problem I’ve had previously, cuz I don’t think the photo is actually bigger than 10000 mb, or whatever the limit is (I didn’t count the 0s)


Dtuners back


Wow, I thought those would imbed, sorry they so messy

Edit, fixed it, they’re cleaner now

It’s making me ask for permission to view. Can I have permission, please?

I’ll try to figure out how to do that. It notified me that you wanted it, but the app froze when I tried to give it, so I’ll try again.

Ok access granted, now how do I unlock it for everyone?

If you discover that, the world is yours!


If your pics are too big, you can use an online compressor to make them smaller. That’s what I do sometimes as most of my pics are too large for this forum. :+1:

Ok thx. I think I’ve managed to unlock them, but I won’t know till someone tries to see them. I’m starting to think I like dropbox better :roll_eyes::joy:

First one is unlocked, one underneath is still asking for permission. Saw the first one. That’s very clever. The sale in lego will now increase in the banjo community. :grin:

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