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Vote for best topic

Let me start the voting , I cast my vote for DRGUITAR and price points

  1. drguitar price points
    so just make a post and give a vote to what you feel is the best one so far .

Hard to say as there has been a lot of great discussion here. The things I enjoy reading/talking about most are directly related to playing. Anything that makes me grab my guitar to try it out. I enjoyed the favorite lick/riff thread a lot.

The whole Give Me A Break forum is awesome. I appreciate everything folks have shared in there. I just wish I was better at writing tabs.

Was trying to get a response is all but I do think his Price point was a very good post . any way yes playing is what it is about…

Welder, I vote for all Your Topics, your the one on here I always see keeping things interesting. I think your contributions have been a real reason for some of us posting. Many of the topics have been interesting, and many of the folks on here are very knowledgable in many areas. Thanks for sticking with it!! :slight_smile: Jerry

I’ve been thinking about this one… instead of a single topic, for personal enjoyment, I’m voting for the collaborative threads. Being involved in those was a blast.

I believe I’ve read nearly every post on the forum and I’ve learned so much here, I don’t think I could narrow my selection to one topic. Thanks to everyone here who takes the time to share their knowledge.