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Visiting Nashville - tips?

As a Dutchy I have limited banjo input around here, so I decided to go to a banjo camp near Nashville from 19-21 October. As I have more holidays left (and to adjust time diff :sunglasses: ) I will arrive earlier and have some more days to spend there. Obviously I will visit some banjo shops to enjoy watching and trying all the banjo gear (and buy me some…) and try to visit a show at the gran ole opry. And there should be enough places to enjoy the music downtown as well.

But it would be great to get more ideas on “what to do and see in Nashville”, so if anyone has some, it would be great if you could share, thanks!

I don’t live in Nashville, but I have been there a few times. Down around the opry, there is a ton of neat stuff right on Broadway. Gruhn’s Guitar shop is great (they also have banjos and other instruments), there’s the Ernest Tubb record shop and lots of other interesting things.

Someone else posted about the Station Inn:

Have fun while you are there!

I highly recommend a visit to the Bluebird Cafe

What interests you outside of music?

As far as the area where will you be staying?

Outside of the downtown area (broad street) there are other areas to visit that are nice…most “locals” do not hang out downtown that much but instead hang out over to the Vanderbilt Univ area in what most refer to as “The Gulch” or Hillsboro Village area…this is the local folks place to hangout on the weekends.

Cool towns near by are Franklin and Brentwood which are just south of downtown Nash about 10-12 miles off of Rt 65. Leipers Fork is another nice area to go “hang out”. I live in Brentwood myself. Our host Ben lives in “Old Hickory” which is about 15 miles NE of Nash.

Let me know what you like to do outside of music and I ma sure I can recommend some ideas for ya. Also feel free to PM and I can give you my cell so if you need some help or get lost you can call. Will you be coming alone or with the wife?

Oh, check out “Pucketts Grocery” in Franklin, out host (Ben) plays there with his sisters (Purple Huhls) from time to time and is a restaurant with a stage. I went one evening and took my family to see them there.

Also check out the “Ryman”


Last year, I got some good advice from…I think it was Oldhat…when I was getting ready to visit Franklin. This was on the old forum so I think those posts are all gone.

Anyway, I was in Franklin in the Cool Springs area and he recommended Uncle Bud’s (catfish) and Martin’s BBQ in Nolensville, a short drive east. I highly recommend either or both if you want some good, southern food or bbq. I didn’t get to hit Puckett’s but am planning that this year.

I’m sure there are more traditional stops you’ll want to hit, such as the Opry, Tootsies, Ryman, Bluebird, etc. Nashville is a great city and I think you’ll enjoy your stay.


Thanks people, for all the input. Forgot to post this on the ‘other topics’ area where it was better places. Anyway, I got a lot of good input and my only worry now, is how to get everything done in the little time I have…!
Opry - banjo - bluebird - banjo - station inn - banjo - tootsies - banjo - ryman - banjo - music store - banjo… Cool, Nashville here I come!!

Nissan factory tour is free. Andrew jackson mansion around $20. I like both