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The old site forum had the capability to embed youtube videos. Does this forum have that ability and if so how is it done?


I’ve tried every trick I know and can’t get 'em to embed. Watched a couple phpBB video embed tutorials on youtube and it looks like something the administration has to enable. Looks like just adding youtube tags, I dunno.


I know that you are busy, Ben. But if you’re bored sometime here are the steps to enable video embedding on the forum. … sf=msgonly

Installation of [video] (with fixed size)

  1. Admin panel, tab “Posting”, page “BBCodes”, add BBCode (if you already have a [video] then delete it).
  2. In the field “BBCode usage” enter:


  1. In the field “HTML replacement” enter (you can only change the width and height of the layer!):


phpBB [video]
  1. In the field “Help line” enter:

Insert video: [video][/video]

  1. Set the checkbox “Display on posting” and save the form. Done!






EDIT: Ben got it fixed. Thanks Ben!


This one is 560 x 315. Can’t seem to get it to go full screen when you try to expand it. Hmmm.



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Got it fixed! All you have to do now is click the video button in the full editor, and enter the URL in the middle of the code. Thanks so much, Jim!
Thanks, Ben!

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