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Video doesn't work

With the basic banjo backup videos, I can watch part 1 and 3 but part 2. It comes up, but when I click play it just keeps trying to load but never does.

I just tried it and it worked for me. Maybe it was just having issues earlier. Just to make sure I’m looking at the right one, is this the one that wasn’t working? … part-2-22/

Yes, that’s the one. been trying all day. Weird that it plays 1 n 3 but won’t play #2 ??? Just tried again. Video comes up, I see Ben in the video, but as soon as I press play or click the screen it goes black and just tries and tries and tries…lol. Maybe I’m not meant to play back up? LOL

If you are on a computer (as opposed to an iPad) I’d try clearing out your cached files. It sounds like you might have a partial video file in there.

Whoa…you the man!

Worked, thanks so much…owe ya

Glad to help. I’m living proof of the saying about the blind squirrel.