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Video Caching

I’m currently watching the beginner Banjo videos 101, 102, and so on. I noticed the videos are not caching like Youtube videos normally do, where you can see the bar loading across the bottom. My internet connection at home is not terrific all the time and I usually, especially on the higher def videos, have to hit pause and let it fill up a while.

With these I’m not able to do this so its pausing to load every 5-10 seconds. I’m sure its just a setting somewhere the website guys can turn on.

If I pause a while it appears that the video does get buffered but I’m just not able to tell how much.
The Flash video player you guys have is JWPlayer, I’ve used it myself in the past. I think the buffer bar not showing is just a matter of what ‘skin’ the player is using, and I’m positive JW Player supports this feature.

Its not a show stopper for me or anything so no big deal. Thanks much for the reply!

I did a little more reading on the JW Player forums. There are parameters that can be set when the player is embedded into the page. By default it appears that the bufferlength is set to 1 second, which might explain why I don’t see the bar stretch out further into the video.

I also read a rather old thread about this occurring when you don’t set the “duration” parameter of the video, so in other words you’re specifically telling the player how long the video should be. This can allow you to clip off the tail end of the video without having to edit it, but also, (at least at one time) has something to do with the buffer bar being displayed.

Sorry for all the geek talk, its what I do for a living. Cheers.

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It may help to click ahead on the timeline a few seconds, let it start playing, then click it back on the beginning. I had lots of people with streaming and viewing issues on the old site, which is the main factor for having this site.

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Tried it without success. :cry:

To add some info here, I noticed today that the loader bar is visible when I watch videos on my iPad but not on the computer.

This is because it uses a different video player. The non-mobile videos are using JW Player, and I know that’s Flash based, and wouldn’t work on iPad.

EDIT : I noticed JW Player has an HTML5 version, that’s what is probably getting used for the iPad.

Working good, sent you an e-mail. Thanks again!

I checked it out too and was able to skip ahead without the video loading and it worked fine.

Probably the best version of BB I’ve heard. Thanks Ben. I know it’s a little too advanced for me but I do like to challenge myself and this will do it. Video played just fine for me.
Ahhh, blackberry cobbler, can’t wait till mine come in.