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Value of a Andrew Schroetter German Made Bass

I have an Andrew Schroetter 3/4 upright bass that I most likely will never use again. I am thinking of either selling it or trading it for an open back banjo, but I have no idea what it is worth. I tried searching for information on the bass, but couldn’t find anything other than it looks like they are built in China now. This one is a model 2100 and built in 1985 in Germany. It has a bow and and a soft cover. If anyone can give me some idea what I should asking for it, I sure would appreciate it.

I have no idea about that specific instrument, and it sounds like they aren’t widely traded. A quick search didn’t turn up any listed for me. If you know what you paid for it, then that is a good starting place. If you don’t know that but you know the current list price, I might try 50% of list (that usually works well on current production guitars). Failing that, I’d look at similar spec instruments and take a guess based on that.

I don’t remember what I paid for it back in 1988 or so. There is such a range on basses and I even contacted the company, but they don’t have records that far back.
I figure I might ask somewhere around $800 or $1000.