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Valentine's day

I was thinking of getting my wife although she plays no instrument a set of good guitar strings and see how she likes that . I will tell her its for her because she gets to hear them and take in all the wonderful music I am playing LOL , now how many of you out there think that is a good idea.

You might want to have a back up gift :smiley:


Boy am I glad you checked with us first. I asked my wife her opinion and she said, “probably not going to go over to well”
LOL best come up with another idea.

Just for info,
My wife doesnt belong to the guitar playing group either.
She wasnt thrilled with the guitar pedal i got her one Christmas.
In defense, it was a vocal effects pedal… she likes to sing along…
but it turns out she would prefer something less practical…
What that something is?
I remain clueless…

Welder… LOL… yeah if you do that could you post a video of the moment?

That would be priceless. I have never tried to record video with both arms broke .

A tripod to hold the camera would work.


I wonder if Welder can type with his broken arms…

Wonder no more , yes I can oops anyways my arms are not broke and she loved the gift I got her although it was not a set of strings LOL.