Vacationing in North Carolina!


Hey, this Kansas boy is enjoying the beautiful east coast for a week, glad I brought my
iPhone so I can keep up with the forum.


have a great holiday Jim. i’m off to Bulgaria next week!!!



Thanks Ron. Bulgaria, exciting! Have fun!


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glad I brought my iPhone so I can keep up with the forum.

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But, did the mandolin make the trip, too?


You bet!


Man, the coast? pull yourself back some to the west and trade the coast for Asheville NC and the Mountains!

I played college golf and was fortunate enough to play in UNC’s invitational…got to stay on campus at Chapel Hill for 4 days for the tourny, guess the Chapel Hill area is one of the more “perfect” places I’d ever come across in the U.S. If I wasn’t living in the Nasvhille area then I’d find myself either in the eastern mountains of TN/NC or in Chapel Hill.

If you cruise up the coast towards Virginia then you will swear you have gone back in time 50 years, some things just don’t keep up with modern society as they probably should.


I’ve spent some time in the Asheville area, I agree, it’s beautiful!
Have you been in the Pisgah National Forest? Unbelievable!
So, are you still a golfer? There’s a lot of golf courses around here.


Nope never been in Pisgah NF.

What part of N Carolina are you in, North Myrtle SC/Wilmington NC or around Greenville?

Yep lots of golf courses in North and S Carloina. I used to make 2 trips a year to Myrtle Beach area and 2 trips a year to Florida to golf during the winter months (originally from Ohio where winter shows no mercy on golf). Still play from time to time but not as much as I used to, guess I played at least 5 days a week for the better part of 15 years, now the guitar and fishing take up most of my time, guess in golf I got to a 1 handicap and figured I’d never get any better/that was good enough, took 10 years of hard work to do that…now I am lacking in my guitar skills and would like to be a 1 handicap in flat picking…guess it will take just as long!

Wife had a senior level management position offered to her in Greenville NC, there are 2 Greenville’s in north Carolina, this one was the one close to the coast over from Raleigh…The hospital put us up for 3 days to come tour the area to see if we’d be interested in moving there…it took me about 4 hours to figure out that there was no way in heck I was moving 3 young kids and a family over there…there are good parts of NC and then there are the bad, Greenville to me represents nothing one imagines when referring to NC!


We’re in Ocean Isle Beach, about 30 of us, mostly family, rent a couple of houses for 2 weeks on the beach. I’m headed back to reality tomorrow, Sunday. It’s been a great week but it will be good to get back home.


Wow you guys seem closer than I would have expected. I am located in upstate SC…Northern Greenville County. I can be in Asheville in about 30-40 minutes. City is Travelers Rest. I love it here. Speaking of Asheville…has anyone ever heard of the ‘drum circle’ that they put on on Friday nights at their park downtown? You guys should look it up at the very least…I got to experience it first hand and it was super exciting…way more-so than i would have imagined had I read about it beforehand. Anyone here that is any good at picking should ask around and see if they would let you guys play back-up. the wife and I stood around and watched for about an hour and it was only drums but it was amazing.