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Using PDF files to the fullest

I am sort of a dummie when it comes to the programs I have. I tend to get what I want but I am sure many out there has ways to do things and not only PDF but the Tabledit soft ware also , My main thing was not being able to see all of the lesson until one day I found out when you have two pages you can display them side buy side that was a real help to me . You click on view and and then click on Page display and then click the two page view and you are all set to learn the entire lesson with out scrolling up or down . I know there are some three page lessons but I will work on that when I get there.
So any one with any trick or method of getting the most out of PDF or any program you have let her rip here and I am sure many will be pleased and helped. Have a great 2014 .

I’d need to get me a bigger monitor to view side by side pages. My eyes aren’t that good anymore.

I really like and think printing out still serves a purpose. May be I am just still a little old school. You can even write comments on the paper that could help.

You also kind of build a repertoire that you could take to gigs or just a different room. The computer and these lessons are a great teaching tool but I think at some point we want to be alone with the instrument and all it has to offer. I guess I would say a more “organic” reality.

I guess we all have our ways . just thought it might spark a conversation about what and how we use things to make it easier and I do print out lessons and tape them together I had one tune that was 6 pages long and I would spread the entire tune out, all 96 bars . I use the computer for about anything ,and everything . but yes printed out also works ,

For a year or so, while I was building repertoire, I created one page pdf files of songs, then took my laptop computer to jams and set it on a milk crate in front of me. It made a great teleprompter and it sat low enough that it didn’t block off the view of other pickers like a music stand can. Eventually, I got enough lyrics in my head to break free from it, though.