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Used mandolin Eastman 605

this my first mandolin and the A string sounds sorta clunky mainley at the 1st 4 frets, does anyone know what the problem may be, this is my first ever instrument ??? the rest of the strings sound good. just started playing 4 months ago and being 75 it is harder to learn

Hey Tommy,
It’s hard to guess without a fair amount of information. If I had to make only one guess it would be that the neck might need a little relief (based on the issue being present only in the first 4 frets). Unless you are a do-it-yourself type I would suggest taking it to a instrument repair tech to get a set up on it. It is not expensive and it is money very well spent. When we are learning is exactly when we most need to have an instrument that is well setup.
If you want to try to analyze/repair it yourself, let us know. Maybe we can help.

To Backup what was just replied to you , a great setup will do wonders for a Mandolin. I just had one of mine Reset by the builder and MAN!!! What a diffrence, My main reason for replying however was to say that I also have a Eastman, I’m using it mainly as a Backup, its a Beautiful 515 F Style. I also had to have a good setup put on it to get the best sound, It required “Compensating the Bridge” to get the good Bluegrass Sound, not that complicated of a proccess but a little above my head!! :mrgreen:

Since other strings sound good on the same fret, it sounds like fret wear, an easy fix for a luthier. A set up will take care of this either way. Good luck.