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Upgrade from gold pick to lifetime?

is there an upgrade path for gold pick members that want to go all in as a lifetime member?

didnt know if there was any discount, or if it was just the regular cost…

awesome, lifetime member now!

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It’s half price from what it used to be ($150 on the old site), but it’s a special I’m running as I get the new site up and running!

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Ben,Ben,Ben, where’s your marketing strategy? You absolutely can’t make money the way you’re going. You’ve got to do what all the stores do - jack up 20%,knock off 10%. What were you thinking. I can see right now you need me as your business manager. Why I’ll only charge say 60% (and a percentage of the profits of course) What do you say? :confused:

But on the real side, I’ve been telling all about the new site and now I guess that with this promotion, I suspect that a lot of members are going Lifetime now. Good job.

I bet you’ll be getting a lot of new members when word of the new site gets out.
I’m going to start hitting YouTube again to spread the word.

OK Ben, just let me know when things have settled down for you and I’ll start hitting YouTube again.

I’m sold on Jack (Stich) being your business manager.

He had me convinced when he suggested you buy your buddy the Collings for $35k and have them throw in Mr. Rice’s guitar.

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Thanks :slight_smile: If I can only sell about about 250 lifetimers, I can pay for this site! I should have taken an econ class in college instead of forensic entomology!

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Is that the study of dead guitars and the cause of their demise ?

ah crrrrrrrrap me think s I messed they discooont Lads … scottish accent … what is the polocy when wee av a few shekles ??

helllooooo theys a wee echo … hellllo hmmmmm easily amused knock knock WHOS THERE slam! :smiley: