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Understanding the Guitar neck

Hey, does anybody know a good way to understand the guitar neck like how BanjoBen does it with the banjo? Thanks


I would love for Ben or Jake to do a series on unlocking the neck. I also think it was Chet Atkins who said he never made money above the 5th fret. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The CAGED system is helpful in recognizing some of the patterns. What helped me a lot was the song Amazing Grace. It is entirely major pentatonic. I played around with that song in every one of the CAGED positions. Let your ear lead the way.

Also if you happen to have any of Steve Kaufman’s Parking Lot Pickers volumes, each song has a beginner, medium and advanced solo. Generally, the advanced solos happen between the 5-12 frets. It’s just helpful to have someone walk you around up there.

I’m still not great at it but I’m getting better day by day.

I hope that’s helpful info!
Dave :slight_smile: