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Ultimate finger picks and "It is well"

I can play that a lot smoother with the new picks and I can see them being my main stay finger pick. For you out there that have real big fingers I would wait till they came out with the large size and real small fingers wait on them to offer the small size . Mediums fit me nice . they started with a kickstarter and made them and are selling them out of their own store . I like them but it remains to be seen how long they last .

These picks have helped me a great deal with the finger picking they feel more like your real fingers and they are very comfortable to wear . Banjo players will love these picks as the pick material is hard enough to bring out the loudness with out trying . Not every one will like them so be careful about getting to many up front try two not 20 .a little pricey but I feel they are worth the cost in comfort and playability. They are going to make thumb picks like these also.

Got a link for them? I remember seeing them somewhere, but I think it was on a different thread.

How ignorant of me not leaving a link

One other thing buy a box of corn starch it aids in putting them on the finger depending how tight they are ,. just dip the fingers in the cornstarch and they will slide on much easier . and you can wipe the access off .it will last the whole day

Hi Welder4,
The picks look cool!!!

Have you tried the plastic Alaska picks?
Downside is, they fit under your fingernails, so they require some fingernail to work…
I’ve used them happily for years… great tone. Increased speed and precision.
I use a plastic speed pick on my thumb. Reduced resistance. Helps me a lot.

I welcome any questions or comments.

Love your contributions…

All the best,


The ultimate picks will take some getting used to but it is like anything time does the trick I have not tried the Alaska picks but tried to buy them at Guitar center and was told they do not carry them at the store. I sure would like to try them on for fit .