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UK Banjo

Hi People,

Relatively new banjo player here calling from the tropical island they call the U.K. South East London to be exact.

Have been getting gradually use to my 5 string and kept away from picks until now as i thought step by step might prove a better way of learning. Obviously, starting to use the picks is like going back to basics and the ones that came with the banjo are pretty basic in my opinion. The plastic thumb one says ‘AXL’ and the metal ones have nothing on them at all and compared to Banjo Ben’s are really long. They are practically on the joint of my finger.

Anyhow, I have decided to get a few but as I am never one to do things by half I thought I would dive straight in and get myself a set of Sammy Shelor ones. Trouble is, i cannot find anywhere in the U.K that does them.
Anyone know of a good place that I can buy these that will ship to the U.K?
Can you recommend a few other sets that I can order at the same time?

Thanks for the help people - Loving the site.


Elderly has a great selection of accessories. I don’t know it for a fact, but I suspect they would probably ship overseas.

Thanks for comeback mreisz.
Going to take a look.

I figured I could save you an international call, so I gave them a call to verify. They can ship overseas with no issues.
Best of luck