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Two picks one is the new sculpted dunlop pick

[attachment=0]two picks.mp3[/attachment] which do you like the best, the picks are two different picks made by the same company

I like them both for whatever mood I would be in at the time.

To me, the first one sounds brighter and a little clearer. The second one sounds darker and maybe warmer.

One is the new Dunlop Primetone 1.4. What’s the other one?

Nice job on Jingle Bells by the way.


The first one is the normal dunlop I always use and the second one is the new sculpted one it is a triangle shape also . the ultrex dunlop I have used for about the last year and have grown fond of it . but this one like you say has a warmer tone to it and it would depend on what mood you were in . I am wanting to try out the one you are sending me I just wonder about the grip though . I am much better at holding a pick now so it may not be a problem .The first pick was 1mm and the second was the 1.4mm . My Dad told a little story about the miner when he swung the pick and it bounced off the rock and he looked at the pick and said now need not bounce because you got it to do . I say that when I am having trouble with a piece of music I look at the pick and say you need not bounce cause you got it to do.

I am growing fond of the new picks I don’t really know how to explain it but it sounds and feels better to me . the notes are more defined and there is no tinny sound at all and no back lash from the pick . warm woody sounding yes I think so, it is clean and slightly muted but not to much . I believe I have found a keeper . of course it may not fit everyone but to me I will use it for a long time. I still like the regular pick for some tunes but the most of them will be played with the new sculpted pick . Thank you JW for bringing it to our attention.

I prefer the second one in the clip. I might feel different with a different guitar/strings/song etc. but for that clip, I like pick #2.
Thanks for posting.

The new pick grows on you and yes I do prefer it to the other one . I.4 plays very easy and has little resistance to the string easy on easy off . like I said have found my pick , that is until the next one comes along LOL I guess we all have pas now .[size=150]PICK ACQUISITION SYNDROME"[/size] The new one is clean and mellow at the same time.

That’s great you found the one pick to rule them all (for today anyway). I’ll get a bag next time I order some stuff or pick some up locally. Thanks for the review and comparison.