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Two Banjos for Sale

For Sale: **1993 Rich & Taylor JD Crowe **model Banjo. 20years of wear but plays and sounds great. neck was broke at headstock at one time in past, very professionally repaired and can’t tell repair is there when playing, only if you look **very **close. $1,500.

1929 Gibson TB-1: Sold

I will split shipping w/buyer.

Can you e-mail me pictures of both? Thanks

Tried sending three different emails w/pics attached but delivery failed on all three. Something about destination not being correct…

When I try putting them up here the site kicks me off…Maverick! git me my dy-nee-mite!

Can you text them to me? 903-690-1133 Thanks

Sorry, I’ve no idea how to text anything. I’m working on making the pics smaller to try and post them yet hopefully.

lets try this…

Few more of the Gibson…

[attachment=3]banjo 001.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=0]banjo 018.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=0]banjo 031.JPG[/attachment]

Soundbites - These Two clips are of a friend of mine named Rock Bartley (who set up this banjo) playing my Rich & Taylor before I bought it from him,

Those are two nice instruments! They are pretty different in tone too if I remember correctly from the “blind taste test.”

Bump - Rich & Taylor is still for sale.

I have decided to sell my Hatfield “Buck Creek”. Bought from Arthur Hatfield in 2011. It has a one-of-a-kind “10th Anniversary” inlay on the fingerboard.

This is a great 5-string, and is in excellent condition. Comes with original hard-shell Superior case Arthur sold with it, The original Hatfield compensated 5/8 Bridge, and a .656 Bridge made by John coffee.

Here is a sound clip of me playing it: … kId=210795

Price; $2,000 firm.

Hatfield has been sold. Rich & Taylor is still for sale.

2 grand for a Hatfield is cheap you can’t hardly buy one for that if it is good shape it should be a great buy for who ever got it , enjoy it buyer you have a class act in your hands now .

The new owner has three Hatfeilds now, many old Gibson conversions, and a couple original vintage RB’s. It’s just part of his herd now.

Still have the R & T. if anyone is looking…