Well, I just ordered two new snark tuners. I bought a red one and a black one. Hopefully I can keep form breaking one of these for a while. The last Snark I had lasted me a week before I broke the stupid little arm off where it attaches to the tuner itself.

They work OK as tuners but I don’t think they were designed to last very long (might be that was the plan).

I think at least the new black one is mounted in a different manner; at least it looks that way in the picture, so maybe it will last longer.


Good luck with it Dave. I have had a red one (sn-2) for a bit, and it’s the best $11 I have spent on accessories. Actually, I spent less than that as I had ordered some other things and needed something to make my shipping free… probably more like $6 or $7 actual cost. Back when I did the rock band thing, we had a strobo tuner. I think I like the sn-2 better. I am not saying it’s more accurate, but it sure is easy to use.


Tuners? My guitar came tuned from the factory.


Well, there ya go…I bought mine used.