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Try out the Jingle Bells

I have been working on the mandolin for a couple of years here on Ben’s site, so I am still building on my technique, timing and tempo, but I must say the song Jingle Bells Ben just put up is a blast to learn. I am going to try to nail it (or close to it) before Christmas Day. If you are a beginner like me, you won’t find it too difficult, but has some really nice runs and a key change. :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up and inspiration to get it done for Christmas. I’ll give it a try as well. I had been meaning to work on the guitar swing chords, but the mando part sounds like it would be fun.

I can now get through the whole tune with out looking. I guess that is an accomplishment . any ways , I have had a blast with this tune and stll have tiny rub on 25 and 26 on the guitar tab buty I guess it goes along with the light hearted sound of the tune . I can play 25 and 26 but just would like to find something else to put there. I am still looking for something there/ it is a very easy but not easy don’tknow how to put that/. I am glad I now own this one for me . not enough money or I would have a mandolin and a dobro

Yeah I really liked Ben’s take on the tune. Wasn’t too difficult to learn and is a blast to play. Didn’t get around to trying it on guitar though. Maybe next year!