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Just wondering if and how often you transcribe songs or breaks by yourself?

I am lucky as my dear sweet significant other usually tabs out any nice breaks that I find on youtube and want to learn. That is easy, but I felt it was time to step up and become a more proficient musician so I recently started tabbing a Scruggs video of Reuben (with a clock covering his hands some part of the time :frowning: ) and found that it is therefore easier and faster to learn.
Nevertheless, the fact that I could simply find the tab for this tune online gives me the feeling I could go much faster just doing that. I know transcribing yourself is better for your development (especially a much better comprehension of the licks played) and it is actually really really satisfying when you have figured out even just 2 measures, but I sometimes (okay, often!) dread to start on it.

Haha , I guess I am just slacking again and looking for some support in the process here. Anyone :slight_smile: ?


Hey Jacqy,

I have transposed a banjo part once that I recall. Someone on the forum had something in one key and wanted it in another. I let Tabledit do the bulk of the work and I changed a few things that made it easier.

I end up transposing things for others more often than I write things from scratch. It may be lazy and not the best approach for my musical development, but I let the computer do most of my lead line transposing. It’s just so handy and easy. As far as figuring out or writing out tabs, I don’t do it near often enough. Like you said, it’s amazing how much better one learns a song when they have to go through the process.

You’ve humbled/inspired me… I think I am going to tab something out soon.

I think it depends on the purpose. Tab your own licks and it really helps the cause. But to tab, just to tab, when it is already available seems a lot of work to me.

Murphy Henry would have a conniption fit with this thread :laughing:

True! I have a DVD of hers and it took really a long time to learn the song. I like Ben’s approach more where you get both.

— Begin quote from "tertom"

True! I have a DVD of hers and it took really a long time to learn the song. I like Ben’s approach more where you get both.

— End quote

I actually learn faster with Murphy, but I think it’s because her links and roll combinations are far less complex than what Ben gives you. I think Ben is doing a better job of teaching us how to be musicians, while Murphy teaches you enough to make you have a little fun picking a few songs.