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(Toto) Africa! Fingerstyle guitar

Here’s a change of pace, a fingerstyle arrangement of Africa. I only first heard this tune this year, but I’ve had so many puns made about it before I knew it :joy::roll_eyes::joy: anyway, being that I live here… check out the conveniently placed Africa quilts!


Now you are talkin’!

This and Rosana - great tunes.

You know, I will tell ya… I am old enough to remember it being released.

I liked it ok when it came out.

I liked it then… But this is one of those songs that feels so comfortable… And thus, it grows in my appreciation.

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One of my favorite songs…even my little girls know all the nonsensical lyrics!

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Yay! That keyboard solo section looks tough.

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It is so tough!

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Wow, brings back memories. One of my favs in my younger days.