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Just wanted to send out a mile of kind words to all the people behind the scenes at Banjo Ben Clark Dot Com ! Especially an unsung hero by the name of Andy Lara ! I have had problems in the past with other websites and yes, even here…hey we are all human at the other end and make mistakes or overlook things. But every time I have a question or concern, it is promptly answered and responded within that day or by the next morning. Amazing job Andy ! and everyone behind the scenes you should be proud!..oh…and you too Ben!
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Lee (my friends call me Duffy…so please… call me Duffy)

I agree. The quality of the content at Banjo Ben is light years ahead of anything else on the internet right now. I had been wanting to learn bluegrass guitar for the longest time, but I never felt comfortable learning from tabs or from any of the half-baked videos out there. The way Ben organizes his music and teaches it in the videos makes it much more manageable and less intimidating. After a month or so of working with some of the videos, I am now actually able to play some of the intermediate rhythm sections. I would have thought this to be impossible before. The solos are going to take much longer for me to learn; but at least now I can now see that they are possible as long I continue to put effort into learning them.

this site makes it possible for those with musical predisposition to reach levels in their playing ability exponentially faster than without it…I want to say thanks for the thorough attention to detail,didactic patience ,and variety of skill levels provided…I only hope for more