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Tony Rice IBMA Hall of Fame

You may have heard about this already, but if not it’s well worth watching:

Oh yeah I saw that a few days ago. It would bring a teardrop from a glass eye. Seriously, very moving. If anyone hasn’t watched it they should whether they’re a big Rice fan or not. Lot of respect for that guy. Could have done without Peter Rowan trying to be a comedian at that point in the ceremony.

Thanks for the vid. Speechless.

Wow, well deserved. I put Rice up there with Segovia, Reinhardt, Hendrix, Atkins, Van Halen, etc. that reshaped the guitar and how it is used in their genres. There is guitar playing in bluegrass before Rice and it is different after Rice. He is one of the main reason guitars even get solos.

Also, very meloncolie. Maybe it is the voice thing, which is sad since he had such a great voice, but he seems to have had a rough time beyond that. Consider, he is only one year older than Bush, and almost ten years younger than Rowan.

Good point on the age. Sam still looks like an overgrown kid (I mean that in a good way).

Sadly this answers my question about his appearance. Happy to spread the word, sad that it must be spread.

Thanks for sharing, sorry to read it. I hope to hear him play again, but it doesn’t sound promising.
It’s sad that he didn’t sock a little money away over the years.

I had been curious as to why Tony hadn’t been gigging lately. I suspected it might be health related. Sad news to hear.

This is a sad situation that can happen to anybody. Unfortunately, I speak from experience. I have been involved with a close relative of mine who is and has been going through an extremely rough time for the last few years. I have done almost all I can to give of myself and money to keep things going. Watching someone go through this is very tough to say the least. I say all this so that we may pray for Tony and all those that are close to him. As I said above they are going “through” something not staying in it or there forever. God Bless him and his family!!