Has anyone had any experience with a tonegard. It’s a metal frame that is used on the back of a mandolin to keep it from touching your belly. I have ordered one called a celtic knot. I will write a review after I use it on my Benjamin. I tried a sun shaped model at Adona Ar. Bluegrass pickers reunion, and first impression was, I have to have one. $95.00 for the celtic knot, but I think it’s considered a custom order. Others were a bit less expensive.


I’ve had one for a long time and know a lot of other pickers that use them too. I’ve got somewhat of a middle age gut that really dampens the sound of my mandolins when they’re pressed against it. The difference with and without the tonegard is like night and day and I’m not exagerrating. Figured buying a tonegard was easier than losing 20 pounds. :laughing:


I’ve never used a Tonegard, but I gotta believe it works well. I’ve done some experimenting in the bathroom (where the sound is best) playing in several different postures, and I’ve found that a small lean forward that lets the mandolin hang away from my body a little bit makes a big difference in tone.


Same thing with a guitar. You press the back of it against your body vs holding it with no contact and you’ll hear a difference. Not as much as a mandolin but still a difference.


I like the versatility of being able to “mute” the instrument against my body sometimes; mostly for rythm or back-up, then pushing it away a bit for leads…just the way I learned…


Well, I purchased a Tonegard for my Mandolin and couldn’t be happier. It enhances, not only the volume but also the tone. I received it in a very timely fashion. The protective pads have been upgraded to surgical silicone and they will not mar the finish. Contact info at Great investment in my opinion. Keep Pickin’ all.


Thanks for the review. Does your mando still fit in its case?


Mine will still fit in their cases with the Tonegard in place.