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Tommy & Phil Emmanuel

On another thread I recently mentioned that years ago I used to see Tommy and his brother Phil play regularly when they’d drop into a small club in Sydney I’d go to late each Sunday night as the best musos hit there.
Just came across this Youtube vid of them playing together and thought it may interest y’all.


Here’s another one to remind you that what we do is for enjoyment… :smiley:

And if you aren’t sick of them yet, the brothers 20 years ago together (you probably didn’t get it in the US, but Neighbours was a long running TV soap for teens that Kylie Minogue got her start in):

Then in 2005 playing Santana’s Europa. By the way, Tommy used to play drums in Phil’s band as a young bloke:

Good stuff. Tommy and Phil are very entertaining as well as wildly talented. I especially liked seeing Tommy on the drums. Great skills and good taste on any instrument I have heard him play.

Good stuff. I’m not real familiar with Tommy’s music, but I was under the impression that he was primarily a finger picker. It was interesting to see how he uses a flat pick (even if he does hybrid pick a lot).

He’s pretty good with a pick too. One of my favorites.


Whew! That’s fast!