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Tis So Sweet

Great version of “Tis So Sweet”. I’m slowly working on it.


Nice job on that one. Nice sound!

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So smooth and so sweet for such a great song.

That was excellent Chuck!! Not only was your playing superb, the tone was great, it was well recorded and one of the most important things that is missed a lot… you kept it interesting! Very hard to do with only one instrument on that type of a song… and for 4 1/2 minutes!!! Very well done! Oh, and the guitar is purdy!

Is that your arrangement?

Thanks for posting that.


I really enjoyed that!

That guitar sounds a bunch like one I wished I had bought years ago. It was a Roy Smeck model and it had a very similar tone.

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Oh, yeah. Nice. I might have to upload this to my car.

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It’s a beautiful song and arr.

I guess i like Bob Minner!!

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Just to clarify, this is not me but Bob Minner.


That was fantastic @Chuck_R…thanks for sharing that with us!

@jw11 FYI, That is Bob MInner playing in the video. I’m working on his version, but no where near close yet…

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