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Time for Banjo Ben to "grow up"?

Shaky, check out Archie’s picture above. That’s where Ben’s logo came from.


He sticks his neck out and they called him sticker. This is his story. :wink:


oh ok… I get it.


lol :joy::joy::rofl:


Every once in a while, something comes up that reminds me why I never got a Facebook account. As free as members there are to post their opinions is as free as you are (and should be, IMHO) to ignore such fussy commentary. Your site and your pursuits are most excellent — don’t change.


i enjoy the site format and artwork, humor, and all that. if your asking for our, the humble customer, opinion on the web site shake up, i dont have many suggestions on that simply because i like the sight and enjoy its ease of use and look. its not pretentious and doesnt take itself to serious but still puts out top level instruction.
the suggestions i could throw in the hat, since your asking, is (although more content related than website related):

I would like to see a few classical music pieces for mandolin thrown in the lesson syllabus, just for a little diversity in play style and to open our minds on the instrument a little and to get that professional walkthrough you do so well to teach us, and they may very well be in there but i’m still in the beginner syllabus. I know this is a bluegrass site, but throwing in some different flavors everynow and then is always fun.

also, i think it would be cool if you could record jam sessions or something similar that we could play along with at home. For example, just play some of the popular songs with all three instruments in the room playing the song with a break for each one, and we could just play along at home with whatever instrument we play. that would help newbies like me just seeing how a basic jam goes and how to do the rhythm and slide in to the solo when its your turn. This would be for people like me who have an extremely hard time finding others to play with or others to play with who dont want to waste time dealing with someone just learning to play. these videos wouldnt have to be instructional at all, just three dudes or dude-ets , sitting in a room playing cripple creek, or unclouded day, or mountain dew or whatever song from the website, the same way they would at a typical jam session, no stops for instruction or talking about it, just playing it through. that gives us the look and feel and speed of how these things usually go and that can help give us a goal to shoot for. I know we have the backing tracks and some videos have all three instruments, and those are GREAT! keep those, but hopefully the jam thing makes sense.

finally, i like when you post videos with special guests, friends and family, and other artist, those are fun too. Maybe some banjo ben camp videos.

well, thats my two cents, which aint worth a nickel, hope it helps with some ideas. Keep up the great work. and thank you for all you do.


Think we are all worth more than that ! But with you on the lack of pretentiousness. It was the YouTube Tasters that got me here!

Looked at the Old site and Ben looked like the Jilted Bridegroom looking for his car keys!:wink:


So with you there I so heard my wife in that E Mail.

Mr Gear in all the years I have known you…and your brother…are you ever going to…put that guitar down and grow up…


That’s called “Nagging” here in Scotland. - It goes in one ear and out the other. As you look into her eyes and reply "Did you say something dear ? - I was concentrating on my ----- fill in the blank.

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I think the topic has been covered by all so I’ll add;
This is my only social media contact for a reason.
I refuse to grow up.
I think @BanjoBen understands brand, image, business, and how to build the one-on-one relationship, equity, with the members whether online or in person as good as anyone. I believe the reason he can do it so easily is because he’s genuine. I would guess there are days he has to very corporate to navigate all the business related issues that arise and have to be addressed.


@Smoky_Mountain_James love the jam session idea…


There are plenty of videos of professional jam sessions already on YouTube; check out some of the jam videos on the 81crowe channel.


Oddly enough, here’s something I AM an expert on…being funny when money is on the line.
When using humor to promote a product, there is a fine line between funny and stupid. Funny is good, stupid will kill you.
Don’t try too hard to be funny, try very hard not to be stupid and never forget Sturgeon’s Law: “90% of everything is crap.”


Ben, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! My family got a great laugh watching your Black Friday video, the world needs more fun and silliness! You and your crew are doing a great job and you don’t need to change a thing. Keep up the awesome work. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, and the whole BanjoBen family.


I do that from time to time, but having one that directly correlates with the tabs and lessons with each instrument would be cool. And some times the only videos i find are in different keys are different arrangements and all kinds of other fancy music stuff im not yet atune to.

That YouTube channel u posted is awesome! Thanks for the info. Thats just the format I was thinking about.


To thy own self be true. Do what makes you feel good. No matter your choice of doing things you will never ever ever please everyone.

PS: As a side note to the car salesman reference, in my area there is a dealer who does over the top outlandish commercials. Some people like them some do not. But he got people to take notice of his dealership and as a result he is the number one dealer in the country for his brand of automobile.


Please don’t change, @BanjoBen. Your instruction is top notch, and the goofy humor makes it more entertaining and sets you apart! I found your site six or seven years ago by searching for either I’ll Fly Away or Foggy Mountain Breakdown on Youtube. Your videos were great instruction and also hilarious, and before I knew it, I had signed up for your website! Considering how many hundreds of hours I’ve logged on your site by now, it’s some of the best money I’ve ever spent.


Alright, I will admit that I haven’t read all of the the above comments so this might be redundant, but I don’t care.

Mr. Banjo Ben Clark sir, I am one of the most intolerant of immaturity of the people I know, and I know immaturity, and let me just say you are NOT an immature person, you are a comedian. Big difference,
As the comedian Tim Hawkins said
"People always ask me if I was the class clown, and I say No I’m not the class clown I’m the class comedian, the class clown is the one that runs across the football field naked at half time, I was the class comedian I was the one that convinced him it would be a good idea. "

I thoroughly enjoy your lessons, you were the one that saved me from finding a in person teacher, and sitting in some dark dusty studio, with some humorless old stiff neck. Instead I practice at my pace and watch someone who loves what they’re doing and teaching.
You walk the line perfectly.


That’s hilarious!! Why haven’t I heard that before? I love Tim Hawkins.



O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!

From the poem To a louse (flee) By the Scot’s poet Robert Burns