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Time for Banjo Ben to "grow up"?

Maybe the well wisher would like @BanjoBen to pursue “grow up” idea like this?? :wink:
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I am new to the forums but couldn’t help but respond to this thread even if it is an old one. One of the things that has attracted me to this place is the light hearted style and sense of humor that takes the music seriously while maybe not taking ourselves quite as seriously.

The times in which we live are causing us all to take a hard look at our businesses, ministries, careers etc. Please don’t change the good things just because “times are tough” and there are those who are saying you need to make a change. Sometimes we need people to stay true to themselves through times like these and show the world that we can keep a light heart and a big smile even while the world is going haywire.

One of the biggest contributions so far I have gotten looking through your site and lessons as a new gold pick member checking things out has been the smile on my face and mild chuckle because of the sense of humor and light hearted approach. I look forward to learning in the days to come.


I missed this back when it was first posted so please excuse the late response. The original question is so humble and sincere that I felt the need to chime in. The fact that you asked this is a common mid-life query, “am I on the right path or should I go another direction?”. My answer is always the same, stay true to yourself and follow the 2 rules of life; 1. Be happy, 2. Be a positive force for good with everyone you encounter. From where I stand, you look like your are doing just that. How can anyone ask for anything else? You’re a good man Charlie Brown.


I must say that when I originally ran across the site (maybe 4 years ago) it did seem a little "gimmicy " but it was easy to see that you were a great musician and were offering quality instruction material. I have noticed lately that while you still project a fun demeaner your lessons do come off more professional. IMO, you have adjusted quite well into the boring age of adulthood and no further adjustment is needed! In fact, the recent lesson with “Tex Critter” was loads of fun and just what I need right now for furthering my pursuit of the banjo. Best advise, is usually to just be yourself on any given day and if that day produces a “Tex” lesson great and if it produces an Alan Munde lesson that’s mighty fine as well. We’ll all be here supporting you either way.


Your personality is surprisingly refreshing. One of the reasons I joined. I commented to my husband that your delivery is so kind and so encouraging! I can just imagine how you interact with your children positively and lovingly with firmness and love, helping guide them to meet their potential. We all have our own style. Please let yourself continue to follow the path that seems to fit for you. You have given great thought and feeling to how you will walk through this life on earth. It seems to me that you have listened to the inner voice that led you to your true spirit you found in Christ. What do you think would be any stronger than what has fit for you? While I respect the need for people to pay heed to business as it calls it seems to me that you do pretty darn good for you and your family. Heck until I came across your site I had no intention of spending this much time on trying to learn to play bluegrass music. I had no intention of buying a new banjo! But I do and I did and all at your site and store…Because of who you are and how you conduct yourself and the positive staff that works with you! Thank you! Now I must go because I have an order to place. Lol


Wow, @japringle, thank you!! Excited to meet you in Exeter!


I really look forward to it!


Banjo Ben, don’t change a thing! We are roughly the same age, and in my opinion, one of the glorious perks of being over 40 is that we get a new perspective on what matters. The sanctimonious finger-wagging of folks like that would not be high on my list of things to worry about. But that’s just me.

You’ve found something you love to do, and are truly good at. Not many people, your snarky Facebook friend included, can say as much.

Keep on keepin on.



Great ideas on jam and classical…for the banjo too!

And while I’m here I had another thought…when there is a movie or TV program on and I don’t enjoy it I change the channel or turn it off. If people don’t enjoy your silliness that many (I dare say I am sure most) do, they can not watch the videos.
Be you bro, mullet, sides shaved WB, or whatever else you got going.


Dance with the person you brought. Don’t change horses midstream. You can’t please everyone. Etcetera. The advice on this subject is hard-coded.

I stand by my “He’s an idiot!” comment from camp - LOL!!! But I enjoy every single minute spent with that guy whether it’s in person or online. The cast of characters, including Jake, Adam, Justin, etc., is a big part of the charm.

Damn the torpedoes - and the snowflakes. Banjo Ben is an American brand! I’m proud to have your sticker on every instrument case I own. Everywhere I go, someone notices and wants to talk positive stuff about the site and Ben as a teacher.


I like this old topic resurfacing it gives me an opportunity to restate my opinion Nothing has changed @BanjoBen is quite crazy and I love him all the more for being himself. wonky

If others don’t like him that’s their problem, there are a bunch of other teachers out there. If you can find one half as good as Ben’s then consider yourself fortune because this site is a goldmine all others are silver or bronze i.e. second and third rate.very_happy


My 2¢… How many times have you heard someone complain about “adulting”? To my knowledge that word didn’t even exist until fairly recent years. So now we have invented a new word to describe missing out on fun whilst having to do the mundane activities we do as adults. Ben’s craziness helps in making learning fun. Keep up the great work, Ben.


Ben has what the French call “joie de vivre”–Joy of life. It’s contagious.


Was the comment signed : Love, Hannah ?



Ron, your comment earned a gold star!

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