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This is harder than it looks

This has been on other music forums but I figured this site would appreciate it. I tried some of this and it is tricky …in a good way. I know she is on a mando but it is applicable to any instrument.


A few years back I worked on similar variations, and it’s something you can improve with very quickly. It can be quite humbling initially.

Be warned though… as you develop some skills your friends might start calling you a timing nazi.

Brad Davis covered very similar exercises in Flatpicking Guitar magazine a few months ago. I think it is really challenging to stay in time as the metronome clicks get more sparse.

That looks like a great, but frustrating exercise. I bet it can open up a lot of doors in improv. I got to see her play at the IBMA’s this year and she was great. She made playing an instrument look very easy even though she was playing some very technical stuff.

Me and a buddy were actually laughing out loud trying to do this. You definitely get better at it the more you try. I saw her at a bluegrass festival here a couple of years ago. She can do some amazing things with a mandolin. Seems like such a sweet girl.