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There is a Fountain

Howdy Folks:

I saw a PBS special the other night Mannheim Steamroller and they played a few Christmas songs. So I was looking for some new material for Christmas…It’s not too early to start putting Christmas songs into my (your) practice routine to be ready and not have to cram at the last minute. Anyway I’ve started on banjo and just started working the tunes out by ear. That seems to be a lot faster for me than tab…Anyway, I was surfing through the songs on this website and came accross the tune “There is a Fountain.” Really nice arrangement. Not long ago I came up with my own version after hearing it somewhere while surfing the web…Anyway, the song got into my head and I had to figure it out. My version is more for playing sofly during Pastorial prayer time in Sunday service.

There’s an interesting story on the author of this hymn. Just Google “There is s Fountain” if interested.

Keep on Pickin’!

Just have to say, attaboy. Keep it and keep posting. I and I am sure others need more of these kind of examples.

Jim Jones

Just east of Tucson