The Times, They Are A'Chainging


So last night, part of my body fell off.
I lost a tooth.
Now when I was a kid, losing a tooth was a big deal. “Wow!!! You are becoming such a big boy!!! Look at you…”

As a 60 year old man…Still a big deal… different reaction. No appreciation of the quantum leap in street cred for my banjo playing.
No excitement over what kind of cool effect pedal the tooth fairy will exchange for my tooth.
In fact, it was a total letdown compared to earlier experience…
Something about routine maintenance. … brushing, flossing and a major reduction in sweets…

Guess it’s time to learn the blues…

Woke up this morning. …
A bigger grin than usual…

Gonna have to work on the lyrics…




I just noticed I spelled changing wrong.
Good thing this is the laughter section. Lol