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The T-shirt Works!

just thought I’d comment on using Ben’s advice and sticking a t-shirt in my banjo when recording. It really does work.

It got rid of some extra overtones and actually improved the clarity of the 5-string on the recording to my ear when listening back.

who’da ever thunk it… :smiley:

I call them “mufflers”.

Most Banjo Players think that they are in a “Monster truck” with 1,000 HP engines running dual exhaust with glass-packs and all they ever seem to do is want to “floor it” and shatter wine glasses like Ella Fitzgerald did on the old memorx commercials!

And banjo players wonder why the are hard hearing? It’s a cycle that never ends!

haha, just busting your chops!

That hard of hearing thing is no joke for violin players. A fiddle player’s left ear takes a real beating.

@Jesse, hey buddy come a little closer, I 'm going to drool…

hmmm, I play fiddle too…