The Loar lm-500-vs


I’m on a budget and I’m trying to get the most mandolin for the $ I do play some gigs with my uncle and I have been using his eastman but I think it’s time I bought my own and the Loar lm-500 fits my budget and the dealer I’m thinking about buying from offers 6 months same as cash I just want some feedback/advice if this is a good purchase pros cons ect…


About 3 months ago I decided that I wanted to learn the mandolin. So, I set out to find a mandolin that sounds good and plays good, at a fairly good price just in case I wasn’t into it. I ended up with the 520, but I have played a 500 as well. They are both wonderful instruments. Even though I’m not a mandolin expert, my untrained ear still knows that these things sound really good. I’m not just saying this because they are priced so well, even up against more expensive models by other makers, the Loars just stood out to me. If you end up buying one, make sure that you are buying it from a dealer that sets up their instruments. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the way they are set up right out of the box. Anyway, I know you will be happy if you end up buying one! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply I have decided to buy the 500 I also played the 520 and really couldn’t tell that much difference in the sound but I like the scooped fretboard of the 500


No problem at all! I know you will be happy with your purchase! :slight_smile:

  • Cameron


My 500 should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait. I selected the 500 because of the scooped fret board too.


I have The Loar 600 VS and I like it a lot. I wanted the best mando for less than $800, I did a lot of research before buying and I think The Loar is a well made and great sounding instrument for the money. I hope you’re enjoying your 500.