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The Boxer

My son is leaving for college in a few days and I miss him already. We decided to throw together a few tunes that we play at gigs onto video. Here is one of his favorites, The Boxer.


This tune may be closer to “on topic”.


As always, very nicely done! Great job with the balance. Thanks for posting it.

Sorry your son is leaving and congratulations. It’s a weird transition for parents. I hope that you all get together often while he is in school. If his school isn’t too far away maybe you all could do some weekend gigs. He could make some money for school, and as a bonus, chicks dig mandolins (that’s what I say anyway).

Outstanding stuff Doc!

Thanks guys. When you are playing these tunes one time through, things don’t always go so well. At the end of this one we start to laugh cause the the sheer number of mistakes… :laughing:


I love it! Sometimes laughing is the best thing to do. It happens to everyone. Great job!

I thought it worked. A guy who used to play bass/guitar with me used to say he was trying to add musical tension whenever things wound up a fret off. I liked that explanation. :smiley: