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Thank you Ben Clark

It has been a pleasure to learn from this guy . I just want him and every one to know I appreciate all his hard work , I know there is much goes into each lesson, time and effort . I am still not where I want to be but who ever is . This time I got more than I deserve . I sincerely hope he is successful in all he does . Again Thanks to Ben I am a better player and with a ability to learn faster and be more precise . Did I learn all the songs and tunes , no but I back up after I get the ones I really like and tackle those I missed . He even forced me into playing finger style which I have never been able to do.

                                                          Bless you Ben Clark.

Well said and I agree!

I would agree. Where else can you find guitar, banjo and mando lessons all in one place?

Hope it’s not too late to add my two bits. Ben has almost single-handedly resurrected my interest in playing. A very long time ago I performed and taught at the university level, but drifted away into other interests. When I needed some training in how to play a mandolin last year, I found Ben on youtube and soon joined his site. I have been having the time of my life learning from Ben and hope this continues for years to come!

Never to late to post it is open to all . Welcome to Banjo Ben !