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TEFView App

Have yall heard of the TEFView App for iPhone,iPod, and iPad? I just learned about it today, and it’s made my iPad an even more useful device in learning to play an instrument.

Essentially, you download the app, put in a certain address it gives you into your web browser that is specific to your device, and you can add all the .tef files you want. Now you have the convenience of carrying your .tef files everywhere you go. For this truck driver, that’s more than a dandy!

I haven’t explored everything yet, so (like most apps) it probably isn’t as user-friendly as the computer version, but it sure beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Sounds like it will be a good thing to carry with you at jams and any where you might want to go . thanks for the post will look into it for sure , I been thinking of using a memory stick and also want to see if I can put the program on it .

I use Tabledit TEFview on my laptop w/o problems.
I just downloaded the app to the iPAD Mini with IOS 9.1. Everything looks fine, I can upload Ben’s .tef-files from Dropbox, the cursor moves and the sun is shining. BUT: it is totally quiet, not a single sound is heard.
Any suggestions?

Greetings fomcold Sweden

Howdy Pelle,

I downloaded the TefView on my iPhone and (if I remember correctly) it played fine without any setup. As a result, I can’t give any suggestions other than the normal two things of make sure the volume is up and the phone isn’t muted (I suspect those aren’t your problems, but they are worth checking). FWIW, the screen size ended up being too small for me, so I never used the TefView app on my phone after the initial install.

Best of luck and stay warm,

I would try to help with this one but I’ve since switched to am Android system.

Unfortunately, the app in the Android system leaves a lot to be desired.

Hi, thank you.
The “funny” thing is that it works on the phone but not on the iPad. Both are brand new, running on IOS 9,1

Options, fluid synth and preferences identical. Fluid synth says sound font Default OK, while MIDI driver and Synthesizer say NULL when opening the app, turning to OK when pressing Play (on both device so). And Spotify /iTunes both play nicely.
Solution: listen to the iPhone while looking at the tabs on the iPad!

Hi Pelle,
I have had this problem on my iPad mini also. If you go into Setings, click on General, and change the USE SIDE SWITCH TO setting from Mute to Lock rotation and then power off your iPad, the sound should work in the TEFview app when you power the iPad back on.
An old question I know, but thought this might help someone else. :grinning:


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