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Tabledit things you should be able to do

Tired of the key you are playing in just click Score it will take you to instrument click there and it will take you to tuning click on tuning , a window opens where you can capo up down what ever. you can also change other perimeters there also . if the tab has a back up you must do both of them to get them both in tune with each other say you capo up two frets (A)you must also open the back up and do the same thing there . you can then go back to the lead . you can just slide the volume of the lead down if you just want to play along with the back up . or the back up if you want to play along with lead and do back up- . It will also tab out midi files and midi files are data not notes but data telling the player what to do but tabledit will tab it out as tab or notes either one you want . It sure is the Swiss army knife of music when you want to do something with the music . There are other schools on you tube that cover much more than this but from a guitar or stringed instrument player this will cover most of what needs to be done . if you want to play a section over and over click on Midi and click play and then selection or bar which ever you need if you are playing more than a bar selection will work out and then all you do is high light the selection you want and do what I explained with Midi and you are set to go when done always do not save any changes as you will be left with 16 bars out of many, you will lose all but 16, the free ware only saves 16.

One more thought if you hear that the tabledit is not in standard tuning it is not because of tabledit but because the sound card you have on your computer . Tabledit is telling the player to do the right thing but if the sound card is not right it will not do a clean A or C note or any note you make. you may have to retune the instrument if that is the case .

That’s lots of good stuff! When I was playing with a violinist, it came in real handy… I’d just tab out what I wanted her to play on mandolin and then print standard notation. It was super easy.