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TAB Question - Red Haired Boy, Guitar

It probably sounds quite basic, but there are some symbols on measure 27,28,29 of the Red Haired Boy guitar tab (1/2, -1/2, 2/1) that I’m not sure exactly what to do with. The video is one of the earlier videos Ben did, and does not include a step-by-step of the TAB as he explains the song.

Perhaps there is a video on the site that explains these symbols, but I thought I would simply post the question before I go digging. Thanks in advance for any help…


In measure 28, the 1/2 indicates the note should be bent up 1/2 step (1 fret) so that the note fretted at 5 sounds like it’s fretted at 6. The -1/2 indicates the string is to be released back to it’s original position.

In measure 29, the 2/1 is a slide from the 2nd fret to the first fret with one finger. It looks like a fraction because of limited space to display it. If you notice in measure 27 the 3-5 slide doesn’t have the angled line because it occurs over a quarter note and doesn’t have to be crammed into an eighth note’s time.

That’s a fun break. Good luck with it.

Thanks Larry for clearing that up. I really appreciate it.
Your profile says your in Lake City, FL. Small world, I’m just over in Tallahassee.

Glad that helped. We don’t get too much string bending in flatpicking tabs, I guess.

Tallahassee? I think you’re the closest Banjo Ben member to me, but I’ve never been over that way to check out the jam scene. I usually jam in Live Oak, so if you’re ever over this way, look me up.