Tab Needed


Does anyone have the Tab for the song “Winters Come and Gone?” If you don’t mind sharing it I would be very appreciative. Thank you


I wrote to Robby Boone (Banjo player for Lonesome Road) and asked him if he had a tab he could share of his version of picking this song. Robbie is an excellent Scruggs style picker.

If & when I hear back from him you’ll be the first to know.

Or were you looking for Gillian’s frailing version? ’


Nope. I like the picking version. Thanks very much. I’ve heard Dailey and Vincent sing this song. It’s a great song. Thank you. Merry Christmas.


Robby doesn’t write tab. He created his version from listening to Kenny and Amanda Smith. So, now we have three versions to listen to.
I can try to tab out what I can from these recordings once I find them and see how close I can come if you’d like, but it might take me a while and i can’t make any gaurantee as to exact correctness.
Another route might be to contact whoever played banjo on the other versions and see if they would be willing to send you a tab.



Daley & Vincent seem to only have guitar breaks. The Smiths have a fair banjo break in their version. … =firefox-a


Thanks for trying. I am going to check with the suggestions you made. If I have any luck I will be sure to share.


Does anyone have a the .TEF file for 'The Ballad of Jed Clampett", preferably Scruggs version. Thanks in advance.


You can find it in the tab archives at