Switch Guitar/Banjo



very often i got difficulties when i switch from banjo to guitar or the other way round.

As a guitarist i am used to my 6th string as a deep E sound. It’s very confusing that the 5th string on the banjo is not deep, but the high sound of the g. When i play i cannot look at the fretboard. If i do so i often pick the D instead of the high g :imp:
–> Not looking at the fretboard instead i look at my right hand. But that can not be the solution!!!

When i switch from Banjo to guitar it takes a few minutes for my fingers to get used to the bigger spaces…

Is this normal, or am i just too stupid to play right?


I tried banjo for a bit and I had the same problem. Maybe we’re both too stupid, but at least we are not alone. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think with time it would go away. It was less of a problem as I went along, but it was still there. Since I have been a member here, I have been meaning to give banjo another go, but I haven’t done it yet.



and thx Ben, i will do that! Lucky me, i play all the songs i know (it’s just 3 LOL) memorized.

Best regards



I know what you mean. I’ve played the guitar for years and started playing the mandolin 2 years ago. I still sometimes try to play a guitar chord on the mando and vice versa. One thing that is nice is that I can watch a guitar player and tell what he is playing a lot easier than watching a mandolin player. Maybe that will improve with time.